Solid Nylon Dual Walker No-Pull Front-clip Dog Harness

$ 30.00

Our patented harness design that helps with walking or jogging with your pup. Other no-pull harnesses tend to pull the front legs together when walking or they allow the dog to slip out when walking which is not something you want when walking your dog!

The No-Pull Dual Walker was my answer! The fit is similar to a traditional roman-style harness, but it includes a D-ring attachment on the front that is designed in such a way that it doesn't bother your dog's front legs as they walk and directs your pup's attention back to you when they try to pull forward. Attaching the leash at the chest also prevents pressure being put on your dog's throat and neck.

Also includes a D-ring on the back for 2 leash attachments (for use with 2 leashes for heavy pullers or our Dual Walker Dog Leash with 2 hooks), for use as a car harness, or for use in dog activities such as tracking and obedience.

HOW TO MEASURE: For a proper girth size, measure around the widest part of your dog's chest, a couple of inches behind the front legs. To measure neck, measure around the neck where the collar normally sits. 

**While this harness is designed to help your pup from pulling on walks and will help with training your dog to walk properly, it is not a miracle solution and in order to work effectively, must be used in conjunction with consistent training and daily exercise. If your dog lunges at people or other dogs, a head collar may be more appropriate or a consultation with a dog trainer.*
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