About 3 Pooches

3 Pooches began in 2007 as a dog daycare in NC by Ann and Whitney, a mother and daughter team who were not thrilled with the corporate world (Ann in nursing and Whitney in advertising) and wanted to do something they loved, which was spend time with dogs and make a living doing just that. The daycare was named in honor of the furkids in their lives - Ann's Pug, Bogie; her Shih Tzu, Lilo; and Whitney's Australian Kelpie/Pomeranian, Jinx. Golden Retriever/Lab mix, Wrigley joined the pack 5 months later as a wee pup.

The Original 3 (plus a Wrigley!): Bogie, Lilo, Jinx, and Wrigley

After one sewing class, coupled with a huge creative drive, Whitney started designing collars under the "3 Pooches" umbrella in 2008 because she was spending too much money buying Jinx new collars every month. Jinx was a true bossy female and with her broad chest and loud mouth, many people mistakenly assumed she was a male and all Whitney could find for females were pink or frou-frou collars in generic designs, which most definitely didn't fit Jinx's brash personality. In her last years, she had a closet full of fashion-forward collars (usually in shades or purple, green, or orange) and everyone knew she was a female. And a very well-dressed one, at that!

The original pups have all crossed the rainbow bridge, yet their legacy lives on through the business we have created. 

We now have 4 more pooches to carry on their legacy: Australian Cattle Dog/Catahoula Leopard Dog Maddox; black Pug Dory; fawn pug JJ; and fox red lab Tango. Whitney also fosters dogs when she can for a rescue based in Greensboro, NC. 

Both Whitney and Ann are based in Winston-Salem, NC and still run the "other" 3 Pooches, a pet sitting/dog walking company.

Being a professional dog walker for so many years has helped Whitney design and create new items that help with daily dog walks, such as the No-Pull Dual Walker Harness (a patented design created exclusively by 3 Pooches). Her love of creating and tinkering with her own patterns, as well as having extensive knowledge about dogs, has allowed her to be able to create and design different types of harnesses and leashes, depending on the dog's specific needs.

All of our items are sewn using the best hardware on the market and high-tensile strength nylon webbing. We offer embroidery on any designs, as well as exclusive fabric designs we created ourselves that you won't find anywhere else.

As for the Pooches, they are in on the designing - some can be found underfoot in our sewing studio as our studio is not "pet-free" and the others spend the day modeling designs instead. We wouldn't be doing this if we didn't want the freedom to be able to work with our pets!

Made in the USA. Original Designs for Extraordinary Pets.™

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