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Dog Collar Embroidery Colors

You are able to choose your embroidery color. If you have any questions about colors, just let me know. A good rule of thumb is that contrasting colors tend to show up best, along with light colors on dark designs and vice versa. Generally, the exact same shades of the design are going to blend a little more into the design so just depends on how well you want the personalization to stand out. If you want to see digitized samples of certain colors on your design choice in order to make your decision, just contact us. **IF YOU DO NOT CHOOSE A COLOR for your embroidery color, we will do black or white, depending on which shows up best. We do not refund for color choices, so please choose a color.

If only a standard size is given (small, medium, etc), we start the monogram on the left hand side of the collar and curving around the neck so the chances of the adjustable slider hitting the phone number are at a minimum. We cannot guarantee the slider won't cover any part of the monogram if we are only given a standard size. If you give us your dog's neck size where their collar currently sits, we can center the personalization more around the back of the neck. This WILL change the adjustable range to a custom range designed for your pup. If you have a growing puppy, it is best to order a standard size. If your dog has a very small neck size, the personalization may take up a good portion of the collar. **Neck size means just that - your dog's NECK size where the collar normally sits. It does not mean "collar" size. A "collar" size (length) and neck size are 2 different measurements. PLEASE make sure you are giving us the correct measurement. 

Only name and phone number will fit on 3/4 inch wide collars or thinner. Name/phone/address or a phrase *may* fit on a medium or large, 1 inch wide collar, but you must contact us beforehand as there may be an additional charge, depending on the length of the monogram. Name will always be in a large font with phone number in a smaller font. By request, we can do them both in the same size or phone number before name or just phone number in a large size. Name will always be followed by the phone number, unless you specifically request the phone number first. If you order a wide collar for a dog with a small neck size and you want both name and phone number, we may "stack" the monogram meaning the name will be on top of the phone number for prime visibility and this prevents the adjustable slider from covering any part of the phone number. If you have any questions about "stacked" monograms, just ASK us! 

You are able to choose your font. Please note some fonts are skinnier than others and do not show as well on more intricate designs. Longer names/phone on smaller necks (12 inches or less) will always have the Wrigley font for the phone number due to space restrictions. Name can be in any font. We can always send print screens of how your dog's name/number will look in any of our fonts, if you are unsure of your font choice. 

Monogram Collars are custom items, so there are no returns/exchanges. Please make sure all the info you give us is correct and is what you want. If you have a question about any font or color, contact us before purchase. If you do not contact us, we are not responsible for how your color choice turns out. We do not refund for font choice, color choice, or because you do not like the way it turned out. If you have ANY questions, please contact us first! For further details, please read our full Return Policy.


Laser Engraved Dog Collar Color Buckles

Add laser engraving to your plastic or metal buckle on your 3 Pooches Dog Collar. Plastic available in 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, and 2 inch widths. Metal is ONLY available in 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch widths. Laser engraved buckles can be used on standard quick release buckle collars, martingales, or harnesses.

Up to 3 lines of text on each buckle. There are character limits, within reason. The width of the buckle MUST match the width chosen for your collar. We cannot put smaller width buckles on wider collars. 

Types of plastic available:

Types of metal available:
Silver - Nickel Aluminum
Black - Aluminum Zinc Diecast
Silver - Nickel/Zinc Diecast Shotblast - significantly reduces scratching
Gold - Nickel/Zinc Diecast Shotblast - significantly reduces scratching

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