Classic Solid Nylon Dog Leash - 4 Foot, 5 foot, or 6 Foot Lengths

$ 15.00

So you love to change collars on your dog, but not necessarily their leash? Then get a Classic Solid leash in one of many available colors.

Standard Lengths are 4 foot up to 6 foot. 8" traffic handles near the leash hook can be added for quick control over your pup. Length includes webbing, but not hook.

An extra layering of soft lining can be added within the handle to make it extra soft. Leashes are constructed of woven nylon webbing so it's comfy on your hands, but also has heavy tensile strength when you're walking your pooch. 3 clasp types are available - Swivel Snap Hook, Trigger Snap Hook, or a Beefy Bolt Snap.

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